Our Process

Hallmark Capital Management applies a disciplined and
understandable approach to its investment process.


The Portfolio Management process begins with consideration of each client’s equity exposure guidelines and any unique investment constraints. We then execute the tactical allocation of each client’s portfolio with stocks, or ETFs, bonds and cash reserves, within the pre-approved range of exposure, based on our investment outlook as determined by Hallmark’s Market Advisory Group (MAG).
The MAG includes Hallmark investment professionals and a group of independent financial strategists who provide their opinion on the relative attractiveness of the stock and bond markets. Through this process, we distill our market outlook and adjust each client’s asset mix accordingly.
Hallmark manages each portfolio on a continuous basis, evaluating current positions and opportunities as revealed by established strategies.


Hallmark offers three equity investment strategies:

  • Our Core Equity strategy seeks “relative value” in a classic and fundamental way, by relating business history and quality with earnings outlook and price. Our investment universe includes Russell 1000 and S&P 500 stocks. Our selection process uses a valuation analysis, which we then confirm with traditional research. Portfolios maintain exposure to all sectors of the market.

  • The Dividend Driven strategy utilizes our same valuation analysis but is limited to the highest-yielding large and mid-cap companies in our investment universe.  Further, we consider the stability and coverage of dividends, with a preference given to companies that have raised dividends consistently.  Portfolios maintain broad industry exposure; we purposefully avoid sector concentrations common to dividend-centric market indices.

  • Our Macro Global ETF strategy seeks long-term growth by investing in a range of asset classes. Portfolios include a diversified collection of ETFs with broad market capitalization and investment-style exposure with domestic and international allocations.


Any one of our equity strategies can be combined with fixed income in a balanced portfolio. Our fixed income approach primarily concentrates on intermediate-term Treasuries, agencies, investment-grade corporate and municipal bonds, as appropriate. For some, we may utilize Credit-based ETFs. The goal is to limit duration risk, generate income and reduce total portfolio volatility.


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