The Process

Hallmark Capital Management applies a disciplined and
understandable approach to its investment process.


The process begins with an agreement with each client to establish customized guidelines that reflect the client's objectives and risk tolerance. It is important to agree on the appropriate percentage or permissible range of equity exposure which is established through consultation with Hallmark's investment professionals.


The next step is to utilize a team of strategists (Hallmark's Market Advisory Group) who provide a sense of relative attractiveness of the equity and bond markets to determine the tactical allocation to equities for each client. While no one can exactly forecast the short-term direction of the markets, Hallmark's consensus approach has been designed to lower portfolio risk and volatility.


From this foundation, Hallmark's portfolio managers consider a range of equity and fixed-income alternatives. These opportunities are examined relative to each client's portfolio objectives.


Hallmark's equity selection process seeks attractiveness between the quality of a company's business, its earnings outlook and the reasonableness of its share price. The stock selection process is strongly influenced by Hallmark’s proprietary Valuation Analysis, supplemented by the experienced judgment of our investment staff.


Fixed-Income investments are selected to reduce overall portfolio volatility and provide a relatively high level of predictable income and are concentrated in short-term and intermediate-term taxable and tax-free bonds and notes.


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